About Us

The Beginning

Colourful Cresties started out as a young girl and her baby Crested Gecko when she was 12 years old.

That young girl loved reptiles and animals of all shapes and sizes. Many books, articles, blogs and videos were read and watched in order to understand Crested Geckos as much as possible.

After a couple of years a female gecko was purchased to explore breeding behaviours, colouration morph genetics and personality traits all first hand. This was the start of a glorious Harlequin breeding line in 2008, creating Colourful Cresties.

These geckos were sold privately and supplied to reptile stores in the local area for many years, up until 2016. This is when the collection of high quality Crested Geckos began, and more breeding lines were established.

Colourful Cresties now sells privately to passionate individuals who want to appreciate one of the UK's most popular pet reptiles.

The Middle

After discovering the huge reptile community online through Facebook and Instagram, we soon realised that we needed to make a page to show our lovely collection off to the world. Where we have met some great friends, hobbyists and breeders along the way.

Since creating our page and showing others our passion for making our own vivarium decor, we have since opened our own Etsy shop which has had a great response from our fans and followers.

The End

There is not an end in sight for us yet, we do not know where our journey will take us, we just know that we will have our geckos by our side.

Colourful Cresties