Available Geckos

To enquire about any of the listed geckos, please contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram. More details of how to do this can be found on the Contact Us tab.

This page is where available geckos will be posted, however due to us not being able to update our website as often as we would like, the information on here may be out of date. We will sign off with a date when we update this page to give you an indication of time passed.

Black Base Project

These babies have been produced through a collaboration between Colourful Cresties and Mollow's Cresties and Critters with the goal of producing black based offspring . The Sire of these babies is Pumpkin who was produced by Colourful Cresties out of Tango and Domino. The Dam, Sage belongs to Mollow's Cresties and Critters.

Sage (Top) X Pumpkin (Bottom)

Available Babies:


Unsexed, 10g - £70

Black based harlequin with yellow pattern and portholes. Great to handle, eating CGD and live food very well.

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Should you wish to purchase a baby please let me know by getting in contact via my Facebook page. There I can provide some more photos and answer any questions you have. Thank you!

Colourful Cresties - 30/06/2022